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Cobalt is the most extensively used drier in paints, coatings, and inks. It primarily functions as an oxidation catalyst and a surface dryer. It’s a powerful oxidant. It works with all types of surface coating media and is not affected by atmospheric humidity. We provide you the best quality product and our long-standing distribution systems ensure that our customers receive products quickly and that they can always keep track of their progress.

Cobalt octoate

Cobalt Catalyst is a very important metal drier. It results in rapid surface drawing, and, in combination with secondary driers such as zirconium, barium or zinc, results in good through drying of the paint film.

Cobalt Uses

Cobalt Drier speeds drying of oil colors and oil painting mediums. Cobalt Drier should be used sparingly by applying it in drops.

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Cobalt Drier 6%

Cobalt Drier 6% is a chemical. It is present in polyester resin systems that react with MEKP catalysts to begin the process by adding extra cobalt to a pre-accelerated system.


15000 kg paint of 40% alkyd resin solids, requiring 0.06% Cobalt on resin solids will require to mix in the solution

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Cobalt Drier 12%

Cobalt Drier 12% is an important paint drier, polyester initiator and petrochemical catalyst. It comes packaged in steel drums for large-scale use.


generally used in conjunction with auxiliary driers. It is usually added at 0.05 to 0.4 % based on vehicle solids

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Combination Driers based CP-668

CP-668 is a cost effective combination drier (also called mix drier) mainly based on vanadium metal. It is specially designed for alkyd paint. It gives alkyd paint very fast surface dry.

Loss of Dry

As already mentioned Different metal driers possess different drying properties as some metals have much more catalytic effect than others

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Leadership that Aims High

At Cobalt Driers, we go above and beyond to ensure that each customer’s specific requirements are met. We’ve grown thanks to excellent relationships, creativity, and perseverance, resulting in a 35 percent yearly sales increase on average. We attribute our success to reinvesting in our infrastructure, merchandise, and, most importantly, our people. We are looking forward to providing more quality services and maintaining our good reputation in the market. All parts of our imports and shipping are organized and overseen by Cobalt Driers. We use our abilities to consolidate containers overseas and take other hastened procedures to assist save time and money for our customers. Our long-standing distribution methods ensure that our clients receive products fast and can trace their progress at all times.

Our Core Values

Our first and core values are to provide the best quality cobalt octoate product for our clients and fulfill their needs and demands.

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A Woman with Child
CP-160 is a nice environmental friendly product. I had a very nice experience using your product and I’m looking forward to use more of your products. Great job!
Anna Holland
An Old Man
Cobalt Drier really helps and speeds up the drying of your oil painting. For someone like me who’s into oil painting and stuff, it’s a perfect product for me. I have been using their product for a while now and I can confidently say that they provide the best quality of cobalt products!
James Gibson

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